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Facts You Don’t See on E Cigarettes Reviews

Many electronic cigarette reviews do not outline the different types of electronic cigarettes out there. Many of us understand that e-cigs are tobacco free, eco-friendly and a safer way of smoking (commonly known as vaping). Electronic cigarettes come in various types, with each type satisfying different users as discussed below.

There are about 6 different types of electronic cigarettes in the market today. These are:

1. Rechargeable E-cigs: These e-cigs come with a complete starter kit and can be recharged, and the cartridge refilled once depleted. This is the e-cig you will hold on for a long time. These are designed for light smokers who are not overly addicted to nicotine.

2. Disposable E-cigs: As the name suggests, these are e-cigs that can only be used once. They do not have a recharge or refill option. This means the user has to dispose the stick when done vaping. They are easily available in retail stores and gas stations.

3. E-Go E-cigarettes A.K.A lava tubes: This is a bigger version of rechargeable electronic cigarettes. The cartridge and battery used in these E-Go electronic cigarettes have a larger capacity and come with an LCD screen too. These are common with vapers who have experience in rechargeable e-cigs. They are recommended to cigarette addicts.

4. Personal Vaporizers: These come in the form of a cigar. These are the strongest and biggest cigarettes in the markets today. A user can have a customized one to suit his/her smoking preferences. These are common in casino joints and other gaming environs.

5. Electronic cigars: These take the common shape of a cigar, huge, long and demanding. They are common among persons who demand respect in the society, strong and wealthy persons. They are a true representation of class in the smoking arena.

6. E-Juice: These come in different flavors. Even non-smokers can use an electronic cigarette filled with their favorite flavor but no nicotine at all.
If you are looking for a great smoking experience, it would be best if you don’t request for any e-cig but the type you love most.